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The same sex marriage in Australia.

So Australia has had a referendum about same sex marriage. 61% voted in favor of gay marriage. What do you think of this development? Is […]

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Is this what democracy is nowadays?

I am very disappointed that in 2017 people can be sent to jail for thinking and wanting a democratic society, ion this world of conflict […]

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Europe’s role in the Catalonian situation.

Should Europe have intervened with the Catalonian referendum, or was it the right decision to not interfere? As an extra point: Should Europe interfere when […]

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Has Europe gone too far with the centralization of government

The European Union has been expanding their laws and regulations ever since they have been founded. Do you think that there should be an even […]

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Which country do you think has the best health care system?

Remember “Obama care”? The health care systems in different countries¬† have been discussed these days. What are the key factors? It might be how much […]

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Is Trump actually that bad?

You can find ‘Trump’, the name, in the news in almost every nation around the world on a regular basis. Trump is a very straightforward […]

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Should obese children and teens under 18 be forced to lose weight?

Child and teen obesity are a rising problem in almost all societies. Children and teens are still the responsibility of the parents so should the […]

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Does the new Star Wars trailer reveal too much?

The new trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi has been released a couple of days ago. Looking at the trailer one could argue that […]

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Should Catalonia have the option to leave Spain?

Catalonia has been vying for independence. Do you think they should have the right to leave? Or do they need to stay in the Spanish […]

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Will liberalizing abortion laws lead to decrease of the teenage pregnancy rate?

The legal status of abortion is an important indicator of women’s ability to enjoy their reproductive rights. More and more countries are liberalizing abortions laws. […]

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