Europe’s role in the Catalonian situation.

Should Europe have intervened with the Catalonian referendum, or was it the right decision to not interfere?

As an extra point: Should Europe interfere when a situation like this emerges again?

What do you think?

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  1. Well, that’s s loaded question. Europe, as such has no interest in the fragmentation of an EU member because it potentially weakens the French and German hegemony. Europe is interested in growth and business, so anything that upsets that is contrary to what the EU is all about.

    So the short answer is that Europe should not intervene.

    Spain has been remarkably heavy handed with the Catalan situation. This is no surprise. Spanish law says that trying to leave Spain is unconstitutional. There’s an persistent, underlying problem with forcing the Catalans to stay in the national boundaries against their will, but the bigger problem is Spain not allowing a referendum: a simple, verified, democratic vote to stay or to leave.

    That referendum has been flatly denied by the Spanish central government, and from there, the situation has escalated causing further wishes for independence on the Catalan side and a very worrisome rise in the visibility of Fascism on the other . (Fascism hasn’t increased, it’s just that the Fascists are freer to antagonise in public more: the ghost of Franco is alive and well.)

    A nice, hot mess, all around.

    Europe is looking the other way until the situation affects business and growth. Until then, human rights violations, jailing elected members of a government, the remaining Catalan government forced in to exile for fear of being held in jail (no trial, no time to prepare a defence and a 4 year “holding period”( until charges to be brought up)Draconian legislation from the Spanish central government, further demonisation of Catalans will continue along merrily.

    And Europe will only step in when the Spanish economic situation starts to hurt the rest of the member states. This is the Pan-European entente , this is the travesty of democracy we live in.

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