Should Catalonia have the option to leave Spain?

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Catalonia has been vying for independence. Do you think they should have the right to leave? Or do they need to stay in the Spanish borders?

What do you think?


  1. It’s impossible to make people feel Spanish when emotionally they feel Catalan. After the worst violence in the EU in the 21st century, and now with Spain jailing political prisoners, perhaps the Catalans were right all along. Spain is regressing to it’s fascist past led by the ruling Popular Party, the reconstituted fascists following a blanket amnesty when Franco died in 1975. With each attempt to address a political problem with violence and arrests more and more Catalans lose faith in Spain and support separation.

    • Would you please give any evidence to support your opinion that Spain is regressing to his fascist past? Do you really know what you are talking about? Your indictment is wanton and insulting for the Spanish people who suffered 40 years of Franco’s dictatorship and won democracy with sweat and blood. It is being absolutely exhausting to have to remember that once and again. We have a right-wing government. And so what? Haven’t you had rightist governments so far? And that made you a fascist country? Does anybody seriously claim Spain is a dictatorship? I suggest you paying attention to the silent voice of over 4,000,000 Catalans who right now cannot express their opinion because they feel fear. This is absolutely true. As it is also true that there are no political prisoners in Spain nowadays. The last political prisoners were released 39 years ago now. Your opinions are based on the revolting propaganda of a powerful sector of the Catalan bourgeoisie and has nothing to do with freedom, democracy or justice. I am so sorry to read so many outrages about our country. It is not fair at all.

      • Mr pablo,if the spanish govt were to potray true democracy won with sweat and blood of spaniards,let them conduct a referendum for catalans and stop joining fears with europe over rise of new nations,afterall a right to self determination is a basic international human right.

    • It’s been a long time since I last read something like this. How can you dare to write so, you are insulting a whole country, with that easy fascism-repression speech that makes no sense. Read a little bit, inform yourself about the real reasons and background of this situation. Here the real victims are not the indepentists, who, if you read a bit, are breaching their own laws, but the rest of the catalans to who these poor independentists are trying by all the ways to impose something they do not agree on. They are the fascists, covering themselves with lamb coats, showing victim faces.

  2. Yes, they should have the right but they must realise things will be different & some of the changes may not before their liking.

  3. No.
    Catalonia is Spain’s wealthiest region
    Catalonia is the European region with most self-government
    Catalonia is not a colony, nor is occupied militarily
    Catalonia has never been a sovereign nation or kingdom
    Catalonia has been part of the core territories of what is now Spain since 1139
    Catalan Nationalism is exclusive, xenophobic, divisive and splits Catalan society in two antagonistic halves, the mainly Catalan speaking separatists and those who prefer to remain as part of Spain
    Catalan separatism is based on falsified history books, indoctrination of children, victimism, fake news, propaganda, and the hate of Spanish culture, flag and other Spanish regions.

  4. The votemail for independence was not on a truly fair vote as many people who did not agree just did not vote. If a legal referendum was allowed I think that a different result would
    Appear. I am an Englishman living life catalunia and have many aqaintencestudents like the region and I believe that although they are for CatalunIan they wish to remain in Spain.

    • The answer is very simple, it’s not the will of the majority of the catalans. Democracy has rules and we have to accept that. A minority willing to impose its will to a majority doesn’t sound to democrátic to me. Peoples right to decide their futur and fate exist, and Spanish Constitution authorize it but when it is done under what the law states. This is not the case, independentists are breaching their own Catalan laws, this whole “Process” is against the law, against the interest of the whole Catalan population, against their right to freely decide.

  5. no, they should not, as there is no majority in favour of that .
    the referendum was illegal, many people voted several times and the counting was not validated by independent observers. Would you like this in the UK?

    • So, if you think that the referendum was not valid then, why not to agree to a legal referendum, a binding one, like in Scotland? What is the Spanish Government afraid of? That the Catalans voted to leave? Well, that’s Democracy, with Capital letter.

      • Please, before expressing your opinión, inform yourself. The Spanish Constitution allows Autonomic Communities like Cataluña to decide of their own fate. But this has some rules. Catalan Parlement has to vote for a referéndum to be organised, what they did. But, according to the law (autonomic, id catalán law), this vote for calling a referendum has to be approved by 2/3 of the Parlement. And it was not approved by this 2/3, so the referéndum should not have been done. From then, continuing with the “Process” was in breach of the law, and everything that independentists have done is in breach of law. Breaching the law they voted themselves, to impose their ideas and their will to the rest of the population, regardless their opinion. That’s not Democracy, with Capital letter. And that’s what they’ ve done, and that’s what they intend to continue doing. Doing this has a name and you know very well which one it is.

  6. I just wonder after years of wanting Independance surely the Basques will now take up their cause again. Catalan get it so quickly and they didn’t. Is that fair?

  7. The anticatalan propaganda is and had been, always, controlled by Spanish Goverment.
    Democracy means the right to decide by the people. I keep hearing that the vote was ilegal, so thet mean, without a doubt No Democracy, period.
    It is a matter of fact that Catalan people haf been opressed since Franco time, culturaly, economichally anf fisicaly.
    And yes the Catalan people in prission now are politichal prissioners, how you will vall them otherwise? They are locked up becouse of their political ideas.
    We can go on anf on ob the disadvantatges of living in Catalunya, and it id not just for Catalan people, those affect anybody that lives in Catalonia, no matter where are you from. Higher taxes, less help for students (srudent loans), social security, health, roads, and a long etc.
    Please inform yourself well.

  8. Catalonia has the highest level of autonomy among all nationalities in Europe. This is guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution but for this privilege it prohibits secession. International law (primarily what resolution was adopted by the United Nations assembly) explicitly says that self determination of nations is entitled to the people living within internationally acknowledged borders (countries) and not for nationalities, tribes, sects, towns, neighbourhoods, etc. Democracy not only means majority but also constitutionality, which guarantees the rights of the minorities, consistency with International obligations, and checks and balances to prevent one institution from imposing its albeit majority decisions on the others.
    The Catalan separatists disregarded even their catalan statutes on which their own authority is based on. Although their root is in anarchism and trockism, they were not honest to admit that they are revolutionnaires, who want to overthrow the existing laws.

  9. I was born and brought up in Catalonia and still living there. I believe that no matter where you are to, people should always have the right to decide over any subject. That’s called democracy, but unfortunately the fact that this issue is being discussed points out that we do not have a trully 100% democracy. A long way to go yet, to my mind.
    Som people say we are nacionalits which I don’t think it is true. Actually, most of catalan people want a new republic to change lots of different policies in order to live better, and the origin of citizens do not matter at all. everybody is welcome in here. The thing is that with this spanish government there’s no chance to change much, and now I’m not talking about the right to decide. I’m talking about labour rights, social rights, cuts, low salaries and so on apart from the inexistent separation of powers, lies …… I’m talking that there isn’t any real alternative as the so-called left-wing party supports the right wing party when that’s needed. There’s a majority of people in the parlaiment that don’t seem to be willing to change much … And it seems to me that the only way to improve is leaving …
    I could talk about the context in what this should be read too,,, which comes from a long time ago with loads of episodes .. but actually it’s not even needed ,, the reality that strikes us nowadays is more than enough …

  10. Nobody sees the reality behind the scene.
    The EU cannot permit a region like Catalonia be independent.
    Spain owes too much money, it would be a disaster for the EU and for Spain of course.
    This is the only reason the Spanish Government, with the contentment of the EU, has never allowed a referendum in Catalonia. This is the only reason…. I guess everybody is ignorant…

  11. Catalonians derserve the right to freedom if that is what they can’t force an identity on the people when you know they don’t like or represent such an identity.spain should be bold enough to text her popularity in anather referendum considered to be legal and not to hide under the law to continue their slavery goverment.slave trade has no place in this our modern world.people want to be free and is time spain reconsider her position and allow people to chose and decide their future.Doing just that, will engender peace and love among people than holding on to false unity clause, that will not guarantee peace.God created the world to be a happy place for his people but wicked rulers will not let God’s people have peace.

  12. I absolutelly agree you. Me Catalan, born in Barcelona and living always here. My father born in Castilla, my mothern in Catalonia.

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